As audience signal declines, the value of content is unlocked by “better contextual” that will alter the balance between the data-rich vs. the data-poor.
Empowering publishers to own and control audience in a world with deeper privacy concerns and the absence of third party cookies
Publishers now own audience creation, but how can they effectively protect their audience insights and the privacy of their users?
Netra’s API can be implemented with only 13 lines of code. Because of its ease of implementation, there are several ways the output can be incorporated…
With AI-based technology, classifying creative can create richer audience targeting opportunities and performance measurements that beat historical…
Netra’s technology eliminates the time required for data cleansing to start unlocking insights from contextual content analysis
How Total Content Comprehension (TCC) opens up a plethora of PII-free monetization opportunities for publishers' high-value content assets
Adopting total content comprehension is an investment in audience monetization while assuring user privacy for both sellers and buyers
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